Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Segan digelar lecturer.
Allah gave me the opportunity to do things as i wish!
Even it just sparked as the instincts.
I wish :
working at pharmacy - having medication knowledge. even a little.
I wish:
being a teacher- for improving my communication skills, give and take, having students.
Tak terkira nikmatmu padakuu walau aku digelar penganggur jalanan.
They insult me, but i take it as compliment.
the next wish will come true.

Hidup nih smeta jah. mati lakoo nati. malah eh nak caro ko mulut oram.
xdok pekdah.
kalu xleh bdakwah, dun't being in the midst.

Tengok adik2 itu.
Segan nak kata depa my students.
Ilmu tak cukup tinggi pun.
Sekadar share apa di minda.
Excited bila depa buat chest measurement, percussion, vibration, 6MWT, auscultation etc.
Itu pahalaaa.
Ikhlas pintu syurga.

when you're going through something hard and you start wondering where Allah is,
just remember,
the Teacher is always quite during a test.

itu dulu.
waktu down.
mana hala tuju hidup.
pernah terlintas di hati begini.
but still Allah plans the best suit me.^^

k eni's home.


Created history for first day of hari  raya.
Macam xbest raya tahun ni. sincerely nya lah.

Got high fever with muscle weakness and joint pain.
Umi gave me panadol extend for morning n night.
later on, alhamdulillah.
Bleached the sin,insya allah.
Had time to create frame of photography with memory.
Perhaps last scene before having spouse. Hahaha.

This was the picture we snapped in the morning of hari raya.
After paracetamol been digested^^

i, azwan and cousins

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ukhuwwah, till jannah^^

kak teh-acik-kakak

Dia solehah
Gelencos (ayat dr dj) from the line
They grabbed me
By what?
Their words and concern.

Praised has them.
Barrier being unlimited.

Sem 2: i went to my previous room. sem 1's. wanna take spongebob's. none.
Met a chinese girl. Reading a book. She was replaced me.
During first day of registration at college? Reading?
Awesome. Admire her. 
In my mind : i wanna be like her. 'book worm'

Went to cafe. Met geng tudung labung. Inspired. On that time, the instinct was there, but not the action.
She's.... THE GIRL I MET before? i thought she's a chinese.
bertambah-tambah admire.

Selalu tengok dia dan acik.
Walked together. Toward cafe, lectures hall.
My eyes kept watching. haha.^^ (i'm not a stalker okei)
Good to know, they were among pharmacy students.

Allah's plan.
tak pernah mimpii pun nak jadi sahabat diaa..
tak pernah harap pun dia concern diri inii.
tak pernah berangan boleh rapat mcam nii.
get connected with each other.

Thank you Allah.
Even the 'chinese' is her frend. 
Dia relate dengan angan-angan dulu. 
nak rapat2 dengan orang solehah.

tahu sangat.
sangat2 tahu.
keluargaku will grabbed me to other side.
that's why i need them.
cik aini, cik enin, acik, angah, mast, ani n all.

k aini treat me this baju. k eni: ukhuwwah. mine:till jannah^^