Sunday, March 27, 2016

Layar keinsafan :-(

It's been a long day
Never meet You again.

Tiba2 sedih.
Tgok kaabah sedih
Tgok post hj jerry sedih
Tgok psgan soleh sedih

Aku bukan dicipta utk ini sahaja.

Aku ingin jadi luar biasa.

Em boleh ke, kalo kita plan becoming lone ranger selamanya, mcm hj jerry? Mcm rabiatul adawiyah?
Tuhan, kuatkan aku.

Kerana akidah dan pejuangan telah menggariskan.
Pulanglah azira ke pangkal jalan.
Sob sob.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

After child traffickers kidnap a beloved teenager, a Mumbai policewoman (Rani Mukherji) embarks on a personal mission to bring the vile perpetrators to justice. Mardaani synopsis-
I watched this movie.
I thought of 'them' in my wokplace.

U know what:
Too much suck with illegal love with yellowish n bluish mind and action lead to brain shrinkage.

I dunno, after the istikharah, i am heading here.
In malacca. The historical city of world.

And i meet a lot of weirdo peoples.
Many tribulations i have to withstand with.
Their attitudes and behaviors is really scariing me.
All the trouble lead me to this:

Crying in front of almighty in the middle of night
Dhuha and hajat prayers bfor perform the work.
And 2 months i have no menstrual cycle bcz of this.
Nevertheless, i really like nearest to Him.

Thank you sinthu
Thank you sharon
Thank you kak salina

I learned a lot with all of u.
Mardaani reminding of them.
It's not easy to change people.
Somehow, it is easy to change myself.
Pure heart lead to blessing,rite?
Try mu best.

Steadfast to this path
Coz allah within, in front, beside and behind me.

Aku rinduuu allah.

Deep breath in.
Breath out.

Forgive my sins.

Singtel is for ielts.
Ielts for singtel.

Hijrah azira.

I am lone ranger.^^
Thank you allah
Vendorian team.