Monday, June 29, 2015

midbreak:june 2015

the story of midterm school break. i went back to kuantan after 4 months didn't look after them.
alhamdulillah, my suncik is turned out.  rasa malu pun ada bila subuh hari pertama, she woke me up, kakak kakak! nak pi masjid dak?
i said ngantokk cik. uhu..

hari kedua: i woke her up^^ yela duluu i bubbled to her about her attitudes, malu la dia lagi bagus dari diri ini.

while waiting papa mend his BMW.^^

with beloved papa. my papa quit old oredy.:( aiman sebuk kat belakang.^^

tried new scarf mama bought at langkawi.^^

we are in the middles of the boys in our family.^^
teman tokwan jenjalan.^^ preparing for ramadhan.^^

haha.. gemukkk^^

adekk : running man hunters.

testing ipong mekcik.^^

rasa ponink bila depa sume minta awards for their schools achievements. hailoh. doakan kakakmu ini murah rezeki.^^


Cik Azie^^

Seminggu menjadi fisioterapi^^ 
Meninggalkan anak didik di smkbs. 
Banyak mesej yang diterima. 
Since i'm still having leisure time, i've chat with them. 
Ada yang buat video (kelas 3I) ada yang nyanyikan lagu and i got some gifts as well.
i knew, they are all bakal peneraju negara. 
it takes time to ikut acuan islam. 
and me also still seeking for perfection, even i know it is impossible.
at least i try to being perfect as close to it. 

Physiotherapist^^ feeling of satisfaction when the pain is gone and they smiled at me after treated them>> even non muslim quiry about me: my jilbab: my prayers etc. and i know- my tudung labuh is not suitable in here. biarler ada sahabat usrah condemn but it stand for my situation. fisio: banyak pergerakan ala2 wushu dan taekwondo.^^

Sunday: off. went back to BS. full: seriously: treated the teachers till 4 pm. Frozen sh + knee OA + massage + acupuncture.^^ 

evening, before berbuka: i met my ohsem little brothers who made me cheer up all along this journey. As i ever telling you, i love guitar+ i love piano and bla bla... and they have this talents.^_+

wan syafiq + alimin +syakir+ ilyas : handsome dari sudut attitudes masing2^^ if the others know i've meet them: mesti depa marah. sorry: i met them related to their injury. MCL + acute MCP injury.^^ adviced some exercises.

everyone mesti ada warna merah. ada ong meh.^^
They all have potentials to become a good muslim, an extraordinary students. 
cuma malass. tahu sangatt.

About 4 korporat 2015:
My first impression: they all were really serious and nerdy.

I actually scared entering this class cz of the girls look like apemende cikgu ni cakap. Like heartless. 

Tapi few boys dia kecohh yang teramatt. Cikgu cikgu, duk memanggil. A lot of questions they asked including dh kawen? Cikgu praktikal ke? Etc. then slowly, i was able to adapt and taught them, can laugh together as well.

The front line in the middle desks who were including they all in the pict was really weird. When i entered the class, they sang, bergendang all the songs they knew.  Scary pun adoo, kot pengetua lalu, ain't faint handling them.

and surprisingly, ain and ape daah, gave me a present within the card they wrote 'semoga cikgu cepat dapat jodoh'. Haha. 
Maybe they asked me, cikgu, dah ada? 
Aku cakap belum masanya, kdang aku cakap takde, xde yang maw. 

Ituler pasaii they wrote like that.^^  

Ahaaa, ilyas and syakir is reallyy.. Uhuu. 
Examinations period: always raised up their hands, i thought they should be asked for paper's quiry otherwise they said: mahu balik. Cikgu dh makan. 
And so many 'out of the box' quest. 
I just smiled: budak2 hailoh. 
Ilyas especially, berani cakap nk kawen dengan cikgu. Even dh terkantoi few times with me. ^^ 

Then if peoples asked me why u so baik dgan they all: it's simple. They are boyss below my age, macam azwan, mcam angah yang semestinyaa jauh utk saya mjaga mereka. They all mudah dibentuk, no heart feeling. And i'm happy with their lawak jenaka. If the are above my age: for sure i'll take care of my ikhtilat. 

muka sarkastik.^^
Comell + handsome.^^ haa..

And i know: fews of them will disagree with my approach. ape2lah.

berbuka dalam kereta lagi azi^^

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lebih besar rintangan yang kita hadapi
Lebih besarlah kejayaan yang kita akan kecapi 

Soalan peperiksaan pertengahan tahun, sivik dan kenegaraan form 4, smkbs.~
bagitahu 4 Korporat this is last week with them, ada yang datang hug n say i love u cikgu.^_~

Perjuangan yang hebat datang dari dunia yang kejam



Saturday, June 13, 2015


Rasa berat meninggalkan sekolah.
Rasa sedih meninggalkan sit.

Buku aiman made me realise: i need to leran more. i need to be part of their good progression.

Harini adam rizki : bilateral subdural effusion with haematoma with status epilepticus, post burrhole and drainage TRO NAI.

- train walk with walking frame.
- acupressure over lower limb
- jump with assisted on trampolin.
terkenang buku aiman sebab kakak2 adam support dia.
aku pesan pada kakak sulung supaya guide adam naik and turun tangga.^^
pegang tangan adam supaya banyak berjalan.^^
moga Allah beri yang terbaikk.

walking frame cenggini train adam jalan.^^

Next: delia. - cerebral palsy + hydrocephalus (shunt done)
huhu. same name. unable to crawl due to inteeruption of spasticity/hypertone.
did - ice massage to reduce spasticity
      - passive stretching + movement
      - stimulate crawling
      -facilitate sit to stand.
maknya pinjam buku aiman tu. harap okeila kot sebab buku tu versi bm and berserta ayat alquran. Moga diberi kekuatan, taufik dan hidayah. ^^

Usrah nisa 2 hari lepas ku bercerita tentang buku ini.. orang duk cite pasal pasma, den duk terkenang yang ni. shud be, info baru.^^

masihkah ada peluang untuk berjumpa mereka ini..huhu.
dekat ampang banyak kes adult. 
rasa macam sailormoon pulak bila dengan aku budak2 ni tak nangis. haha. masuk bakul angkat sendiri.^^

smart integrated therapy:1309: 14/7

Thursday, June 11, 2015



I was so touched when a mother of one special kids i treated gave me this book. She was diagnosed quadriplegia cerebral palsy. 4 years old this year.already able to sit with minimal assistant.

The story begins when i treated her last year. Few times i went to her home. At first, she kept crying. Then, she stop cried maybe due to i recited al insyirah while i did passive movements. Some improvement occured.then i moved to kl. just keep in touch in whatsapp.

Ignore bout the treatments but when her mother kept asking me some questions and at last i said 'sabar ye kak.ini anak syurga.'

Immediately, tears appeared and she wiped. I just said: saya tak berada di tempat akak, hanya allah yang tahu betapa sabarnya akak melayan delia...i forgot the word after that.

Today, she meet me and give me this book.
The sentences 'semoga istiqamah' really inspired me~
Should be i give the book to her. Huhu.
For parents who are having special kids:don't despair and lose hope. 
Bukan mudah menggapai syurga. 
Melihat bidadari tanslucent sehingga ke tulang belulang.

Instead of physiotherapy treatment, occupational therapy, speech therapy, acupuncture, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, bandage therapy from sri lanka etc really helped it.
Sacrifice from parents,
rely on Allah,
tidak putus asa etc.

Perlu tambahh ilmuu lagii.
 Everybody should read it,indeed.

i love paediatrics.
bagaimana mungkin saya meninggalkan bidang fisioterapi sedangkan saya ingin menyumbang tenaga untuk mereka yang diuji allah~

sesi fisioterapi dr. wan

ukhti iqlima.^^

anak syurga.