Sunday, May 31, 2015


Waited for patients: no at all. 
Everybody have reception to attend. Me too.apakan daya: work is work. Bosan gaban:inilahh hasilnya

Erk: since i am a teacher: layan perangai anak2 didik: dah jadi macam depa.

Awi's and zal reception: seriously feeling determined because unable to attend the reception.
Both of them ever being my bestfriend. Zal:4-5sigma
Awie: 1-3 elit 

Then, hani recept
Hana recept as well.

Mabrukk sahabat.^__~

Friday, May 29, 2015


Hi, when azira get the wrong thalamus in her cerebrum.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tbs- jb

Since i got back my iphone, i will be able to update here. Ehehe.^^

Previously, i got an interview from jerudong park medical centre, brunei darussalam via skype.
Hem, readers: pray for me being offer this post.

Then,last saturday i got a called for interview in kpj johor : the eldest and pioneer of kpj.

I keep thinking either go or refuse.
Because i didn't get the answer from jpmc, i take a decision to come here Johor Bharu.^^
As usual, kak ta and umi worried about me. And proud to say: 

I am lone ranger
Wherever i am 
Islam will be spread.
Haha. Spread la sangat.^_*

Then the journey begin.
I did some research about the last bus,survey the distance between hentian larkin to kpj and etc.

Firefly is cheap.rm79 i thought. But the problem is i dont know how to go to subang. Wpun bila balik dari therapy di s alam,selalu tengok kapal terbang area tu. reviewed my previous ambition. Huhu.

So, around 6pm, i'm taken bus to rawang, then taken komuter to TBS. around 8.20 i arrived. I took last bus which is 1 am. Meridian bus.

 Solat, makan, Tanda paper sains anak2 4 enterprise main nset: kul 1 pagi. Naik bas y sejuk giloo.kul 5.10 camtu safely arrived.^^

Hah,walaupun korang xsampai jb,paper korang yang sampai. Huhu.

Budak2 ni memanglah, den ngajo kat depan hampa buat ape na..**

Wsap ngan mira n iman: saje tnjuk kat depa. Mira y solehah, iman yang soleh.ehe.

Selpi 12 malam. Huarggg ngantok gilo. Den pukui 10 dh tido dah. Ni sengkang mato aee.

Tiket as kenangan. 

Then, smpi,pi masjid larkin. So for backpacker bolehla lepak dalam masjid,niat iktikaf dapatlah pahala. Den sompatla solat bjemaan,kalau idak,takdenye.

Last year,after step out from masjid, i saw matmin. Memoir~

Okei,after breakfast,sempat beli lip ice, for surela, wanna being interviewed, make up sikikla. Took taxi, safely arrived. Dalam rm10 den kena caj. Junior2 ku ada jua.ehehe. Nmpak sgat seniormu ini sdang tanam anggur.

Soalan dia biasa2, not like jpmc yang killer quest tuh. No theory, dia galakkan kita bercakap. The part of where will u living in here and family background tu aku nak nanges. Dia tanya deep bebenau. Citola how complicated my family and my life.uhuhu. Xnak amek pn xpelah, tapi sya bukan perangai seperti anak-anak broken family yang lain ye. Saya ada allah.^_^

Then dia nak orang jb. i'm the one yang from kl. dahtuu, kenapa kol suh mai kalo nak orang jb. adehla. marah umi bila tahu. yelah, trevel sensorang. huah..

If xdapat,at least saya pernah datang sini.^^

Huge hospital with beautiful scenary~

Larkin sentral
Off to TBS.
Esok nak akupuntur mira and iman yang pemalu.ehe.

Monday, May 25, 2015


I really love teaching
In here
Last week, discipline case because of me!
Made me down.
4p: thana & vasanth fighted during my session. Wanna started science paper.

The next day,
They are been demerit by pn kanha bcz in and out class,played hide and found with pn kanha. Sengettt. Disobeyed pn kanha.
My time! Nirmal dragged the attendance book and then the stapler's bullet at the edge of that book kissed my thumb. It was bleeding and pain. Taking ablution also in pain. Nirmal said sorry but before that he said: cikgu kurang ajar.. Goshhh.. Iqram gave me the tissue to wipe the blood.^^ yeah iqram who is really comel. Even love truancy and tour all around school but in my class, must be coming. Late or early, he will do what i said. 
When he met me, he will said.
Cikgu, ni serebrum,ni serebelum,ni medulla oblongata sambil tunjuk pada his area of head. Huhu.

Kak ta said, told disciplined teacher. In future, they will do it again. So that was the action. Thana doesn't talk to me later on.
During the day, i cried. Seems i failed giving education and teaching kindness. 
Fortunately, the other students still cheer me up. 

Dear Thana, 
Even you are non muslim.
I really hope you will be able to be a good student
A good son
Able to be role model to your siblings,relation and community.
Mybe return to the deen. One fine day.
No grunge for me k.
I care because i love.

I still took their picture,
For my memory.
Since the government reduce my salary, i need to find another upportunity. Now on  my way to jb.alone. As usual.^^

I really love my students.
And i know,they keep blinking at me
Because of my personality and appearance.
Tak kisahlah, you are still young.
Kalo pilih calon suami,nak org yang cantik saje, itu bukan calon utk kita mjadi bidadari syurga di akhirat kelak.

Thana is not here. Iqram-nirmal-uhneswaran


Teacher's day

I owe them for this ohsem memory
By them: i learned
How to manage time
How to give motivation/improve self esteem
How to communicate well
How to give a speech

Then it strengthened and sharpened my:
Communication skill
Time management
And the utmost: how to deal on the sudden unexpected situation

Histeria: possession
Really taught me rukun iman
Beriman kepada alam ghaib.
Allah. It really make sense. Return home:bathed with air tawar mek bagi+ reciting yassin+etc
Barulah xde those goose bumps,hot and spicy melekat di badan. Yelah,mula2 duk cikgu2, tersengih2, then screamed and cried. Huhu.

Second: they are really cute. Even sometimes it really challenge my patience especially 4 Juara, 4 Perdana need to tell more.^^ however, i just keep smile and istighfar dalam hati even other teachers are really mentioned their classes within the discussion or meeting.

Pj slot: reproduce my sweat: i mixed with my own students. Terjerit2,tergelak bersama2, buli depa suruh lari keliling padang, and i stand at the corner and laughed at them. Hik8. so naive. Part paling lawak masa main baseball tadi. Sorry guys, cikgu pun baru belajar main baseball hari ini. So, any mistakes i did, feel free to forgive

3 aman yang friendly. both gender mixed together as friends.
4 enterprise. hailoh budak sekarang. cengginila~
sweet talker : ilyas & fakrullah. 4 korporat bukan keparat. eheh.~
2 ceria~ tema harini tangan cenggitu belaka.

aimi yang comel: buat diet atkins as my suggestion.~

2 krk 1: sek bijok nihh.. soalan dia memanglah. pening den nak handle soalan depa.

sun and lee xie : lawak bila masuk kelas depa: awak cantik awak cantik. xde cikgu kat depan. bahasa depa kot gitu.

puvendran and nitya 4 enterprise^^ suka berjalan dengan perlahannya~

hensem tak? ~

Subhanallah. Thank you allah. 
Feeling of really grateful.

Sometimes they glance at me, praised me with flawless: beautiful an so ever. Ia buatkan hati ini berbunga. Alah, budak2.apalah sangat.

Rarely,still there is an indian student asked me: teacher,why ur shirt so labuh. xleh labuh lagi ke cikgu? Is it an insult or compliment? Takpelah, non muslim. Rasa diri masih belum mampu to preach them. Hem.ajar pjk: baju sukan jelah selalu ^_^

Still, there is a student: ilyas:gambar atas2 tu~~  when i entering his class: he keeps smiling, lift up his hand and gives questions to me. He said cikgu baik cikgu cantik and macam2 ayat bunga2. When i taught pj at field, muka dia ada je duk tengok kami kat sini. Eh eh. Fortunately,u are like my little brother or else dh kena side kick budak ni. uhuhu.  Ia mencuit hati. Subject sivik nmpak senang tapi bila exam, hambekk kauu. Susah gaban. Even 4 alfa pun xdapat A strong. Jadi, banyakkan membaca.^^

Because of too excited: i uploaded the pictures on fb. If naqibah ask me, azira
you are in happy otherwise Dr morsi is punished for death, you are still in happy? 

Terkedu: azira! Don't stop for becoming mata rantai perjuangan rasulullah.

Betulkan niat: life is too short to think of what is not belonging to us.

Keep walks: you are not alone: Allah is always watching you.^^

Saturday, May 23, 2015

anak syurga

smart integrated therapy:
i've touched,
patient's name: azique 
diagnosis: cerebral palsy
age : almost 4 y/o

forearm extended with external rotation.
unable to roll, sitt even neck control is really poor.
stridor, scoliosis, clonus etc.
i treated him.
his mom keep asking to question me.
i know
jiwa emak: mahu lihat her son healthy and able to do daily activities as others child.

then i said:
akak sabar ye.
ini anak syurga.
she cried.
Allah.. i'm not in her condition.
Understand is different with inserting into.

Kamu anak syurga
bakal dijanjikan bidadari 
bakal menarik tangan ibu bapa ke syurga

terkesan ceramah ustaz 
bidadari itu indah sekali
tulangnya boleh dilihat dari luar.

i can't upload the pict here.
yet i've no one.uhu.

sit, s alam