Sunday, March 29, 2015

A little girl

I met a little girl.
In the midst of class.
Once i glanced, i look at her 
again and again.
She smiled at me.
She said, i'm pretty.
My turn to smile. 

She speaks less, smiles much with her white teeth.
Then, i received a memo
she wrote:

" Success is sum of small effort that is repeated day and night"

Then, she wrote again:

Tidaklah usah berbicara tentang tingginya gunung jika belum sampai ke puncak.
Tidak usah berbicara dalamnya lautan jika belum sampai ke dasarnya.

I put a mirror in front of me.
Allah send her to tell me.
I'm just a slave.
He deserved to test me.
and I should be in silent.
Keep rebels to Him only.
This is between Him and me.
No need to tell peoples around.
Allah kan ada.
Tempat mengadu.

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