Sunday, September 13, 2015

6 days work,
Weekend is for umi.
Lately missed some program
Umi or jemaah?

Last night, i saw umi sewing
I saw umi took care every single things
This few days i'm really softhearted.
I cried.
Mesmerized what did umi done for me.
Last night,
I slept without doa, 
And as usual umi will ask the next morning: ngingau dak smalam? She knew if i'm tired.tet.

This morning, i did house call. Then made up trifle. Then,
3pm: mama's convo.
I never tell umi i came here.
If umi touched.
Now i'm waiting for train.
Return to rawang.

Mama asked for eat together,
Tonight i still have client.

Money for made everybody easy.

Penat punya 2 keluarga berbeza.
Penat lagi bila everybody is looking for me.

Ilmu dari tuhan
Tangan untuk insan.

Cukup cukuplah rebel.

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