Friday, September 16, 2016


In here i meet a lot of cases
I heard a lot of stories
I read a lot of novel wc is turn to real.
I watch a movie and it's happen in front of my eyes

Do i need to believe a guy?
Scary duhh.

Kiri kanan all about underhand, fraudulent, irresponsible.

I believe those who practise alquran won't.
And it's hard to find.

K aini told me to be positive.
Yes i am.

This is the first time i meet a kakak like forcefully me to accept her broda. I knew i said ok initially but.. can u consider? I never met u, and i think no need to face each other since i pull in aready!

Is it malaccan peoples like this?


Better late than wrongly choose.
Ia soal hati, undescrible.
I also dun understand myself.


U have to wait until the end
To see what life is trying to teach u!

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