Saturday, November 5, 2016


Its okei if u dun have shoulder to lean on,
You still have forehead to touch the floor.

Tak semua orang baik macam kita.
Tak semua orang ambil remeh benda2 kecil.

After keep repeating the same stories, it turn up like this.
I am not the firm girl to oppose anything.
I'm coming from medical/health lines to lend a hand for peoples.

All my friends so full of courtesy, soft and know the aim of why they are here.
All my patients remind me to rely on Allah.

This is not my place, mybe.
I have to change the environment.
Because i unable to change the people.
Azi tak mampu.
Seriously, i'm tired with all of fake thing.

And, it's true.
We can't survive alone, need to be in jamaah so that the wolf never ngap! u.

Allahurobbi. :-(

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