Monday, May 25, 2015


I really love teaching
In here
Last week, discipline case because of me!
Made me down.
4p: thana & vasanth fighted during my session. Wanna started science paper.

The next day,
They are been demerit by pn kanha bcz in and out class,played hide and found with pn kanha. Sengettt. Disobeyed pn kanha.
My time! Nirmal dragged the attendance book and then the stapler's bullet at the edge of that book kissed my thumb. It was bleeding and pain. Taking ablution also in pain. Nirmal said sorry but before that he said: cikgu kurang ajar.. Goshhh.. Iqram gave me the tissue to wipe the blood.^^ yeah iqram who is really comel. Even love truancy and tour all around school but in my class, must be coming. Late or early, he will do what i said. 
When he met me, he will said.
Cikgu, ni serebrum,ni serebelum,ni medulla oblongata sambil tunjuk pada his area of head. Huhu.

Kak ta said, told disciplined teacher. In future, they will do it again. So that was the action. Thana doesn't talk to me later on.
During the day, i cried. Seems i failed giving education and teaching kindness. 
Fortunately, the other students still cheer me up. 

Dear Thana, 
Even you are non muslim.
I really hope you will be able to be a good student
A good son
Able to be role model to your siblings,relation and community.
Mybe return to the deen. One fine day.
No grunge for me k.
I care because i love.

I still took their picture,
For my memory.
Since the government reduce my salary, i need to find another upportunity. Now on  my way to jb.alone. As usual.^^

I really love my students.
And i know,they keep blinking at me
Because of my personality and appearance.
Tak kisahlah, you are still young.
Kalo pilih calon suami,nak org yang cantik saje, itu bukan calon utk kita mjadi bidadari syurga di akhirat kelak.

Thana is not here. Iqram-nirmal-uhneswaran


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