Saturday, May 23, 2015

anak syurga

smart integrated therapy:
i've touched,
patient's name: azique 
diagnosis: cerebral palsy
age : almost 4 y/o

forearm extended with external rotation.
unable to roll, sitt even neck control is really poor.
stridor, scoliosis, clonus etc.
i treated him.
his mom keep asking to question me.
i know
jiwa emak: mahu lihat her son healthy and able to do daily activities as others child.

then i said:
akak sabar ye.
ini anak syurga.
she cried.
Allah.. i'm not in her condition.
Understand is different with inserting into.

Kamu anak syurga
bakal dijanjikan bidadari 
bakal menarik tangan ibu bapa ke syurga

terkesan ceramah ustaz 
bidadari itu indah sekali
tulangnya boleh dilihat dari luar.

i can't upload the pict here.
yet i've no one.uhu.

sit, s alam

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