Monday, June 29, 2015


Cik Azie^^

Seminggu menjadi fisioterapi^^ 
Meninggalkan anak didik di smkbs. 
Banyak mesej yang diterima. 
Since i'm still having leisure time, i've chat with them. 
Ada yang buat video (kelas 3I) ada yang nyanyikan lagu and i got some gifts as well.
i knew, they are all bakal peneraju negara. 
it takes time to ikut acuan islam. 
and me also still seeking for perfection, even i know it is impossible.
at least i try to being perfect as close to it. 

Physiotherapist^^ feeling of satisfaction when the pain is gone and they smiled at me after treated them>> even non muslim quiry about me: my jilbab: my prayers etc. and i know- my tudung labuh is not suitable in here. biarler ada sahabat usrah condemn but it stand for my situation. fisio: banyak pergerakan ala2 wushu dan taekwondo.^^

Sunday: off. went back to BS. full: seriously: treated the teachers till 4 pm. Frozen sh + knee OA + massage + acupuncture.^^ 

evening, before berbuka: i met my ohsem little brothers who made me cheer up all along this journey. As i ever telling you, i love guitar+ i love piano and bla bla... and they have this talents.^_+

wan syafiq + alimin +syakir+ ilyas : handsome dari sudut attitudes masing2^^ if the others know i've meet them: mesti depa marah. sorry: i met them related to their injury. MCL + acute MCP injury.^^ adviced some exercises.

everyone mesti ada warna merah. ada ong meh.^^
They all have potentials to become a good muslim, an extraordinary students. 
cuma malass. tahu sangatt.

About 4 korporat 2015:
My first impression: they all were really serious and nerdy.

I actually scared entering this class cz of the girls look like apemende cikgu ni cakap. Like heartless. 

Tapi few boys dia kecohh yang teramatt. Cikgu cikgu, duk memanggil. A lot of questions they asked including dh kawen? Cikgu praktikal ke? Etc. then slowly, i was able to adapt and taught them, can laugh together as well.

The front line in the middle desks who were including they all in the pict was really weird. When i entered the class, they sang, bergendang all the songs they knew.  Scary pun adoo, kot pengetua lalu, ain't faint handling them.

and surprisingly, ain and ape daah, gave me a present within the card they wrote 'semoga cikgu cepat dapat jodoh'. Haha. 
Maybe they asked me, cikgu, dah ada? 
Aku cakap belum masanya, kdang aku cakap takde, xde yang maw. 

Ituler pasaii they wrote like that.^^  

Ahaaa, ilyas and syakir is reallyy.. Uhuu. 
Examinations period: always raised up their hands, i thought they should be asked for paper's quiry otherwise they said: mahu balik. Cikgu dh makan. 
And so many 'out of the box' quest. 
I just smiled: budak2 hailoh. 
Ilyas especially, berani cakap nk kawen dengan cikgu. Even dh terkantoi few times with me. ^^ 

Then if peoples asked me why u so baik dgan they all: it's simple. They are boyss below my age, macam azwan, mcam angah yang semestinyaa jauh utk saya mjaga mereka. They all mudah dibentuk, no heart feeling. And i'm happy with their lawak jenaka. If the are above my age: for sure i'll take care of my ikhtilat. 

muka sarkastik.^^
Comell + handsome.^^ haa..

And i know: fews of them will disagree with my approach. ape2lah.

berbuka dalam kereta lagi azi^^

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