Thursday, June 11, 2015



I was so touched when a mother of one special kids i treated gave me this book. She was diagnosed quadriplegia cerebral palsy. 4 years old this year.already able to sit with minimal assistant.

The story begins when i treated her last year. Few times i went to her home. At first, she kept crying. Then, she stop cried maybe due to i recited al insyirah while i did passive movements. Some improvement occured.then i moved to kl. just keep in touch in whatsapp.

Ignore bout the treatments but when her mother kept asking me some questions and at last i said 'sabar ye kak.ini anak syurga.'

Immediately, tears appeared and she wiped. I just said: saya tak berada di tempat akak, hanya allah yang tahu betapa sabarnya akak melayan delia...i forgot the word after that.

Today, she meet me and give me this book.
The sentences 'semoga istiqamah' really inspired me~
Should be i give the book to her. Huhu.
For parents who are having special kids:don't despair and lose hope. 
Bukan mudah menggapai syurga. 
Melihat bidadari tanslucent sehingga ke tulang belulang.

Instead of physiotherapy treatment, occupational therapy, speech therapy, acupuncture, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, bandage therapy from sri lanka etc really helped it.
Sacrifice from parents,
rely on Allah,
tidak putus asa etc.

Perlu tambahh ilmuu lagii.
 Everybody should read it,indeed.

i love paediatrics.
bagaimana mungkin saya meninggalkan bidang fisioterapi sedangkan saya ingin menyumbang tenaga untuk mereka yang diuji allah~

sesi fisioterapi dr. wan

ukhti iqlima.^^

anak syurga.

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