Friday, February 12, 2016

new logistic

it has been so long for not updating here.


I started moving to malacca since 10th January. Sincerely, i can't withstand with the previous clinic. my salary was cut suka sukii. In singtel, i got annual leave immediately after i join the company.

The truth is, working as a physiotherapist in clinic is really not making u affordable. For being rich for sure impossible.

Move on.
For a reason.

I have to practise english for my ielts.

Singtel vs Sudong.

It's really hard but i am thinking of the challenge which i will face during i'm furthering master level.

Rabbiyassir wala tuassir ya kareem.

Allah's guide, insya Allah.

Sometimes, even they gave me pressure, i can keep smile,
bcz this is the first time i met various kind of peoples.

Muslim without hijab but nice.
Muslim with hijab but backbiting.
Muslim with hijab but smoke.
Muslim with transgender: pondan vs tomboi

How should nonmuslim attracts to our religion? hurm.:-(

Indian with scary attitude.
Chinese with courtesy.


I never tell my family where i work.
Surely, it will spread to others.

When i want to give up, i remember why i start.

For ielts right? so keep going iqlima.:-) kipidap dongibab mek kak.


my big why.^^

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