Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Every soul has a past
Every soul lives a present
Every soul deserve a future

No judging on one's past bcz it might be ur future.^^

I never judging them because i'm not within their shoes.
I make friends with all.
I am really positive towards my future even sometimes i am desperately volatile towards Him.

For 20 days we are in holy fasting month, i seek forgiveness, i dumb myself with stupido things i ever did, i never remember for the crash memories all.
7 years u know.
I manage to forget him!

Suddenly, he texted me:

Selamat berbuka azira 😊😊
Moga kita bertemu dengan malam lailatul qadar.

Can i say
Bloody hell u!
Why u appear again in my life?

The volatile scene deeply dumb me.

I know You will scold me again,
Because of this.
But why must he appear whereby i can forget him already.
And for sure i know i dun deserve for him at all.

Because I have no future :-(
di pandangan mata mereka2 itu.

Damn despair hope u know.

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