Sunday, July 17, 2016

Batu pahat

Sano dan seha anak kelahiran johor.  Seorang pontian seorang batu pahat.
Seringkali i heard sano was telling me about her king,  queen and related.

Accidentally i got restday on saturday and sano just got her hari raya holiday instead of on duty for her patients.  I can see sometimes she went back with sweet sour face talking about irrelevant actions of her patients.

How i adore u act.

Everybody has their own talents
And not all talents belong to work they have to do.

My passions damnly made me missed a kind of related.

I only able to watch from far.

I have to create my destiny!

Keep praying azira!  Wink😘

Sano's home reminded of me my house.
I was kicked from there with mum's.

Kau ado?

Takpelah,  am not interested to review ba k the history.

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