Tuesday, August 9, 2016

He's my hero

When he called, i get ready.
Sejam lebih kut.
Sampai 1 pagiii. Abesla awet muda kakakmu ini.

All the topics he talked.
He's talkative yes i admit it
He has sense of humor yes i know
He is adorable with brilliant ideas, yes i agree synchronize with rich dad poor dad's books.

All the story came out.
He want to provide work for his unemployed frens, i happy.

Entering university is not for being employee
Entering university is for create employee and being an investor.

Adik, i pray for u.

I told him, dik i nak backpack alone to jepun 1 week, can ah.
After few questions about lodge, foods he said go for 1 month kak. Niat for learning, allah will help then.

Labiu dik. Even ur appearance made me scared^^

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