Thursday, December 22, 2016

NLP malaysia

Sisi weng pada hati jijah.

Bukan mudah jijah memujuk weng untuk pergi.
Nampaknya weng semakin matang.
Jijah request duit dari dia, jijah pun daftar senyap2.
Lepas dftar jijah wsap weng.
Yela dulu daftar roketemel dia xpegi pon.
Hadiah hari jadi weng la nnti.
Plus jijah tepek gmbar amin idris join nlp sekali.
Weng kata tq.
Jijah pun lega.

Weng dan jijah, moh sama2 membina istana untuk umi.

I live in reverie
In the back of my mind
A world of fantasy
On the fringes of time

My castle in the air
That only i can see
A monument so rare
In my deep reverie~

The door is open wide
It's a path to my soul
I like to run and hide
From the rain and cold

I always want to be
The planted of the seed
The keeper of the key
To my castle so sweet

I'll take there u tomorrow
Far from reality
No room for grief and sorrow
Down in my deep reverie~

I feel the running sand
As i'm dreaming away
I take it in my hand
As the night turns to day

Clemence reverie

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