Thursday, April 16, 2015


High blood pressure attacked.
2nd time.
1st: makngah's behaviour.
we are kicked out from that house.
Place i grew up : there!
I know, umi stressed.
Azwan drew tattoo over her shoulder.
Actually, I don't want umi knew.
Lastly, i told umi.

Umi called azwan.
As usual, with his mulut manis and hujah yang dia rasa reasonable 
Made me fed up.
 deep in her heart, umi cried
I know.
Her words : Don't regret in future because you are not study hard.
Don't regret to have colourful memory in university.
So many years, umi suffered.
No more tears.
:( :(

Papa: high fever.
Too much medicine he took.

Oh Allah,
i hope, You are not taking them
I recompense
Their expense, love, tears, effort etc
as previous.

i was year 2 i thought. there, my umi ^^ and mek and cousins

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