Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I have a patient
personal coach
fit, sado, good looking.
the history is opposed to it.
work out guys!

I learned many things from his behaviour and the way he act and speak.

I accidentally see his ig after first session with him, and i tought he will recover without seeing me again. maybe that is the blue wave as dr azizan said. yelaa, after a long period i'm not activate my ig during i used iphone. now, ASUS can! Few days then, no more his ig, just lee min ho. haha.

next day, he came. so pity looking his tolerance to back pain.
i asked ishvar about his condition. we watched his video deadlifting 120kg.
some error movements occured because he used much his lower back instead of his thigh muscle (quadriceps and hamstring).
here the link of proper deadlift. http://stronglifts.com/deadlift/back-pain/

 then, i told him about he had many followers since he is like a celebrity too, perhaps.
i told i'm not searching his name, it just appear at another button. 
then, fine. he just laugh.
he asked me, follow tak? i said tak.

3rd sessions: he said i had explore extremely his ig. ape lagii. hot tempered rasa. he told me previously he was working there, not me explored him. perghh. orang famous beginikah. he asked my ig. i said tak nak.
 then he said, eh, bukan senang tau saya nak promote orang. means my service la.

 okei nnti follow.tak follow pun dia dah tahu, i'm her stalker. nyesall pulak cakap pasal ni. adeh.^^

Then he said, my life is really boring because in here, i'm lonely.
i just smile.
but i really take note.
i know, it's hard to achieve high ambition. be patient, keep praying.
allah will suit u one day, insya allah.
4th sessions: he look well even yesterday he had to use his back muscle (quadratus lumborum) during shooting session.

then today: a day after 4th treatment, i just open ig, in search appeared my park shin yee or lee min ho or hadith of the day and his picture appeared there.

it touched me when his statement said,
p/s: gambar lama ye doc! Jangan risau saya masih dalam sesi rehatkan diri.

Now! i'm really his stalker. ngeeee.
I admire him in order to made me fit!
my target 53kg end of this october.

Dr azizan said: we need coach in every single thing which we want to achieve.
So he likes my coach, my inspiration, my guidelines, motivater and so on lah.^^
nak minta free session tapi ngah pikir, kang ada yang bebel kat i. itu2, kawan2 i tue.

sado uh. tapi we all kata katang uh.

2nd patient:
Singaporean patient.
old lady.
really talkative.
I dunno how to stop conversation in order for me focusing treating her.

lari dari rumah.
putus tunang.
Her husband is really kind one.
i can see through their conversation.
even they get older but still close apart.

i laugh when her husband said:
pakcik taktahu dah zira. mak cik ko nii macam2 penyakit.
bila kata sakit sini, pakcik picit sini.
ko kata letak hot pack, pakcik ni lah yang letak.
tapi ko tengoklah.
makcik gelak je.

ia menjadi inspirasi untuk saya bercita2 punya suami sebaik pakcik.hhahaha. 

My patients is my passion.
submit doa for their recovery.

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