Saturday, April 23, 2016

Azira Iqlima Razali

Hei heyy heyy

Ismi Azira Iqlima
Daughter to divorced spouse, Azimah and Razali
Live in the broken family starting from 5 years old.
Praise to Allah, He still guide me to His way
Not being in identity crisis and being rebelled like my lil bro face. If he know i mark his as those two words. Eheh.

26 years old when 21st nov this year.
Raise up in rural areas after being merempat all the places while umi need to work. Fortunately, come back to klate, staying with late grandma and umi take care of her bcz of stroke attack.

Azira, the lullaby girl with only focusing on study.
Being well known among teachers in the school, got anything what i want.

The promotion of water colour, milk, milo, thread and jigsaw : i will buy!

Umi will do anything for me. Even sometimes i know, umi don't have money. Stay up all night sewing for seeking money to raise up both of us. :-(
Most of umi's shirt is white colour without makeup or any weirdo costing much money to us.

school visits to interesting places, selected for most of school outdoor's seminar / camp, what i want, i got. Lol.

Best student in SPM, coming from those rural areas, score high class in matriculation : that is me!

I believe if i score higher i will get good job. Enough for me to reimburse back all umi's kindness and her kasih cinta dan sayang. :-)

Uni's life, i just mediocre student. Busy with association. But allah's give me superb hand to palpate and treat patients at the utmost healing. Alhamdulillah.

In convo's day i'm not so happy. 3 of my housemate as well as my classmet and my bestfren grad while the other 3 will be going to repeat the professional exam and been extended. Still, allah passed me, grad ontime. ALHAMDULILLAH duh.

After grad, i still didn't get job as physio.

Kicked out to be homeless, suppress my frustration. Umi there, i here, azwan there. It bwcoming worse when azwan like being selfish.

Being paid with diploma's salary and i estimate it as a jobless.

And that time i am starting to rebel. As azwan did.

My life's circumstance stated that


Good grades in study doesn't promise u becoming richer!

it's out of my expectations.

I really sad when my acceptance to work in dubai being rejected because of visa's problem
I really disappointed when my application for being physio bwing rejected bcs i have no experience.
I am really pelik why every time there's someone wanna marry me, it turn out to tak jadi. Sway oh! Hahha.


IMKK change me.
People's surrounding change me.
I know how i am ungrateful.

I wanna CHANGE my life.


The new azira iqlima :

Marriage is not my priority.
Wealth is the first.
Kill all the gila2 intention, puhliz.

I want to make a name for myself in this world,
To be able to make a difference,
To achieve greatness based on my own rights.

I want my talents recognized for what i work and put effort on it.

I want to help peoples regarding my hand skill and talent.

Because I know my potential goes BEYOND my limit.

I truly and sincerely believe that I have the ability to make a difference for this world.

Now what I have to do is PROVE it to the rest of the world.

I want the sky's community recognized me as a tawadhu' and solehah muslim.
They will make do'a to Allah bless me.

Apa lagi, move on babeh!

Credit to my coach : azlan ali : senior petroleum engineer, now in UAE. How lucky u are. ^^

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