Thursday, April 28, 2016

Nuraini mohd tahir

People said, friend while in ease so many.
Friend while in trouble, difficult to find.

Friend is not only accompany for laugh.
They will guide us to jannah.
A lot of frens which like to do jokes and all, but in their heart, is just a friend.

Difficult to find right.

But i am the luckiest people.
Because i have her.

She guide me to jannah.
This relationship is not only as a best friend,
Not only as a kakak and adik
Not only common relationship.

This is friend lover toward jannah.

Kak aini or kekni or mex,

Plis grab my hand when u have the opportunity to grab anyone when u get into heaven.

Plis do not let me get into neraka bcz i scared for all the zaqqum, big snakes, bad and smelly foods, the fire and fumes all.

That is my wish.

Because i know u are the bidadari syurga.

Kekni send me the song of teman sejati with her doa for getting a wise and soleh zauj. Ameen.
Kekni, if not in here  for sure in hereafter. Dun worry, i have a lot of missions to be settle. It's not about marriage only.

I hope allah will bless u laling.^^
I love u lillah.

During her wedding day;

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