Sunday, January 1, 2017

31 dec 2016, mek is officially 60 years old.

This person had provided me a lot of easiness and treated us well.
She provided us foods and beverages the most since umi is so busy with her kain baju to complete her ordered.
Everyone know, my umi soo tidy and neat in term of her kerja. I ever experience when umi asked to untie the thread of her customer's. Huaah. Kemas sangat tak perlu. It takes time. That's why her cust scold her when the clothes delay for ready to wear.

Umi is e quadrant.
She don't trust people to complete her work.

Mek is soooo kind. She provided us those makanan especially fasting time.

This is one of the reason when all my cousins get nuisance with my capability of unskill of cooking.
Kek2 i know how to do.

My family sooo cumil.

Sanah helwah mek.
May allah grant u happiness and good health in order to obey to Him.


Adik sapiq sayam~
Tq for take care of my umi.
My little brother grow up so fast.

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